Bounce House Rental

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bounce house rental

You can rent bounce houses in different sizes to fit your needs and the amount of children you have available for your party. The size of the bounce house will determine how many people are able to fit on each one. The average bounce house will hold up to thirteen people when inflated to an average height of fifteen feet per frame. Bouncers typically come in two models, the A- Frame and the J- Frame. The A-Frame bounce houses are known to be the most inexpensive bounce houses, while the J- Frames are known to be the highest quality.

Inflatable obstacle courses are available for rent as well. Bounce houses and inflatables can be combined for both a fun day at the park, as well as for home use. Combinations such as an obstacle course with bounce castles and inflatables work great at carnivals, fairs, company events, and more. Combinations can include multiple bounce houses to increase the amount of fun, as well as multiple inflatables to give guests a taste of both activities.

If you need the basic bounce house or just want to get started with the fun, there are a few things you need to know. First, inflatables come in all shapes and sizes, from the cute and cuddly bunny rabbits to the huge and monstrous jungle creatures. Secondly, most bounce houses can be setup for less than two hundred dollars depending on the number of them you buy. Lastly, you should look for basic bounce house rental companies near your home or activity area. These companies often offer introductory rates that can make renting your first bouncer an affordable option. Basic bounce house rental prices range from a hundred dollars to three hundred dollars.

When you start to rent the equipment and set up the inflatable jungle gyms, you’ll find that it’s easy to see why rental companies are so popular. Even families with children will benefit from the bounce rentals because they’re a lot of fun, safe, and easy to set up and take down. Whether you’re looking for a fun activity for the entire family or you’re looking for a great way to entertain kids for an event, residential bounce houses can be an excellent way to entertain guests for less.

Residential bounce house rentals are also great for backyard weddings and birthday parties because you can provide as much or as little inflatable entertainment as you’d like. There are basic bounce houses that are great for kid’s activities, basic adventure bounce houses that are great for teens and other grown-ups, and more complex multi-tiered slide combos that are designed for adults and children alike. The options are endless and the variety of rentals ensures that no matter what your needs or desires, you can find the right rental for you. Enjoy!